Aloha, fellow flock


My name is Julia, and I LOVE pink flamingos!

Recently, I began sketching flamingos for fun. Then I started attracting fans and thought hmmm....maybe there's something more to this!

I have now collected the best of the many sketches I have made into a flamingo sticker pack - a FLAMBOYANCE of flamingos which contains 140 stickers!

Whoa! I mean usually you only get like 20-30 in a pack?! Are you sure about that?

Yep! I'm sure! This sticker pack includeS expressions.....

those full flamingo poses you've been looking for.....

and depictions of those everyday things we all go through.....

Well.....maybe not this particular thing.....not for all of us anyway!

So get ready to share these with your flamingo-loving friends! Think pink and join the good times! Just look for Funny Pink Flamingo Stickers in the iOS App store!